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In 1974 I was in Spain. In fact, I had my 21st there. I had some of the locals, the English guys who worked there, celebrated and drank champagne. It was getting late so we decided to call one evening and all agreed that all probably meet later. clearclips went to the beach with John, a man of my age. He was very talkative and friendly. He mentioned that just moved into an apartment near the beach with his girlfriend, Gwen, and I asked him to see. I thought, ' Why not ? ' And agreed. It was clearclips a nice place with a balcony. He showed me in the kitchen and bedroom, and then the clearclips bathroom, where he said: 'Seeing that would be covered with sand and sea salt, I would like to test the shower? ' I immediately said yes, clearclips because my apartment had no hot water. He said: 'Carry On', and called the living clearclips room, I was going to pour a glass of wine. I thought, 'How civil. ' When I finish my shower, I realized thatn. my bathing suit has been I called John and told him he is my shorts in the balcony, drying hanged why I wrap a towel around me and come and enjoy the wine, which is what I did. in the room said Juan red shoulders and insisted that he put some cream on it. I knew I looked a little burnt, so I agreed. I was in my talk a front of Gwen, his friend and the things I have in hand. She was really a blast and I had thought from a distance. The conversation made clearclips ​​me hot as hell. He rubbed her back and suggested that I found in his chair so he could make things right. I agreed. He continued to massage my back and then started in the back of my legs. I thought there was nothing wrong, especially because he told everyone that his clearclips friend was in I was only slightly aware of your fingers easily go under the towel, kneading the top of the buttocks. The way in which the lotion was very comforting and I was very relaxed, until I realizeda slight bulge in shorts John. I have this tells us about his girlfriend. I must say that my penis was hard for about 10 minutes. when he asked me to turn around on my back I thought I would die of shame ! Seemed unaware or may not watch. According to my arms, which has the chest and then down. I could not believe my ears, if I answer to myself 'OK' when he learned to remove the towel on demand. A man I had never seen before in an upright position. I closed my eyes and thought, what will be will be. - whispered : 'Close your eyes and say that Gwen is here. ' put his fingers around my cock I thought I would explode. Next, in her mouth and slapped me. Remember, there will always be able to tell any of them! He put two fingers in the ass and I shot my load immediately. I was so grateful that I thought I should pay. He would not let me. He said his girlfriend is only allowed to do so. I thanked him and went to myCamino. I've never done anything like this ever since. My wife comes in contact so when I say that the story turned to me and want to play it again ! after all these years. She said she would catch me !
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